MASCOT offers a wide range of quality workwear for both men and women in a range of different sectors including trade, industry, service and transport. MASCOT's workwear is Tested to Work through user tests and laboratory testing to ensure that the workwear you get is of the highest possible quality.

Different features for different needs

MASCOT knows that different jobs set different requirements for their workwear. That's why MASCOT puts details, design and features first. All our practical features are positioned in a smart and functional way to meet your exact needs. The MASCOT® WebShop offers trousers especially for trade, service and industry, each with features and details that are tailored to the needs of the sector. When you buy MASCOT workwear, you can, therefore, rest assured that the products have been designed with quality, comfort and fit in mind.

Hard-wearing fabrics

Workwear is subjected to more wear and tear than ordinary clothing. The fabric used therefore needs to be both very durable and comfortable to wear. MASCOT offers workwear in many different fabric qualities. We offer workwear in 100% four-way stretch which is flexible, very durable and lightweight, giving you unique freedom of movement that means you barely feel the fabric on your skin. Explore MASCOT's products in 100% stretch online.

MASCOT's size guide

It is important that you choose the correct size as this is essential to ensure a comfortable fit. It is therefore equally important that you choose the right size the first time you order MASCOT workwear online. If the size is incorrect, you may find that pockets or features on the product do not sit where they should. For example, on a pair of work trousers, you may find that features such as kneepads are not quite where they should be, preventing you from enjoying optimum comfort. This is also one of the reasons why MASCOT makes work trousers in three different leg lengths. MASCOT also offers workwear for women including work trousers in two different fits: DIAMOND and PEARL. Precisely which fit you should choose will depend on the difference between your hip and waist measurements.

How do you find your MASCOT size?

MASCOT has prepared a detailed size guide to help you find your MASCOT size. You can find the size guide and an introductory video on how to measure yourself.