Excellent supplements for workwear

With our large selection of workwear accessories from MASCOT, you can complete your outfit for work. In this category, we offer an overview of all workwear accessories available here at

Our range of workwear accessories from Danish MASCOT is divided into several sub-categories that you can explore here on this site. The selection includes kneepads that are suitable for all work trousers with knee pockets. The pads protect your knees when you are required to work in kneeling positions, making them perfect for craftsmen and other types of professionals, performing manual labour.

MASCOT workwear accessories also include holster pockets that can be attached to your work trousers as extra storage space for tools and other appliances. That way, your tools are always right at hand and easy to reach. Knitted and regular caps and hats keep your head warm while protecting you against rain and bright sunlight.

The above are only a few examples of product categories from the full range of top-quality supplements and workwear accessories from MASCOT. Explore the categories on the site and discover excellent additional gear that you may not even have realized you needed.

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