Welcome to our new and innovative workwear range for tradespeople that is so innovative you just have to try it for yourself!

The workwear of the future should be lightweight and comfortable like sportswear, but also innovative and durable like workwear – and preferably it should feature a high quantity of recycled materials. That is already what we offer here at MASCOT.



Outer Shell Jacket - 09 - 009
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Outer Shell Jacket

From 196.74 EUR incl. VAT

Winter Jacket - 010 - 001
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Winter Jacket

From 233.64 EUR incl. VAT

Trousers with kneepad pockets - 06 - 006
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Trousers with kneepad pockets

From 190.59 EUR incl. VAT

Softshell Jacket - 010 - 001
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Softshell Jacket

From 135.24 EUR incl. VAT


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Freedom of movement, functionality and high wear resistance

You are the one who wears the clothing – day in, day out. You are a tradesperson who knows what features you need. That is why we have developed the clothing in the MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range together with your colleagues, so we can ensure that the features and details suit your working day.

Long-lasting durability and excellent freedom of movement mean you can perform to the max. This is something we have learned in the 40+ years we have been making your workwear. MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED has been designed using new innovative production methods and expert knowledge. This means you can select workwear where durability and unrivalled freedom of movement are paramount, but where a smart design and innovative features are also matter of course.

You can count on our clothing being of a high quality and long-lasting as we are TESTED TO WORK. TESTED TO WORK is your guarantee that your new workwear has been thoroughly tested – both in the laboratory and by your colleagues – before being taken into use so that you always get the best quality.

Click Pocket System – an easy way to add your holster pockets

Put the pockets where you wish with our newly designed Click Pocket System. A simple click system allows you to place the pockets where you need them, and you can even add the specific number of pockets you need for a given work situation.

Holster pockets that you can place wherever you like

Holster pockets are an important asset during a busy working day. They need to be easy to add to your trousers or shorts, and they should also be specifically designed for your job or needs.

If you are an electrician, painter, or work in a field where you need pockets with large compartments, then we have the solution. The MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range includes holster pockets specifically designed for your trade or needs.